After reading the above blog of Swamiji – “Three magical words…… “

I feel good.  Very good indeed. A clarity emerges.

I strongly request that it be read and re-read by everyone, every few days. 

Infact, I am telling myself, “Hey Anu!, whenever you feel the urge to read a blog, just go to the heading WISDOM lining up Swamiji’s blogs, instead of NEW POSTS that takes me to member’s posts. 

THIS IS MY TRUTH OF TODAY.  And It may change anytime. Truth, after all is relative. Nothing is absolute when seen through spiritual goggles. 😊

Actually, what happens is that when I read members posts on different topics, I feel confused.  My mind has developed a very easy way for itself,   ie,  reading Swamiji and accepting each and every word as it is.  No ifs and buts, no confusion of any sort. As also never ever getting hurt even remotely. HE is the epitome of mindfulness. 

Swamiji has written A LOT.  Nothing seems untouched in spiritual arena. His YouTube videos are an additional support. Together, these are more than enough for this tiny mind with very little memory.

Yet, the posts of members’ own experiences and experiments  still attract me.  Their truths, their slices of life,  are very immersive. Hope this attraction lasts long.

This month end gives me the opportunity to visit Ashram.  Before I sit in front of Swamiji for next level diksha, this is a  humble prayer of this tiny, winy, flawed being, before the Universe.   Help me to strength my lessons further. Push me further towards  clarity of mind. Help me reduce my flaws. Help me maintain  mindfulness for longer durations.

I really want to be a better version of myself when Swamiji grace me with His diksha blessings🙇🏼‍♀️🙇🏼‍♀️🙇🏼‍♀️🙇🏼‍♀️

Hari bol 🌹