Namstey everyone

its my first ever post and as I have no experience in writing at all , with my basic vocabulary and writing skills I just wanted to convey the subtle message I could understand after reading  “THE LAST GAMBIT  “

I just got to read ” The Last Gambit” in full today after it kept waiting for me almost 6 months in my cupboard ( I started once few months ago but only could read first few pages)….

The Subtle message  Swamiji  conveys when he writes  ” Success by design is infinitely better than a win by chance”—sometimes we hope of a magic, a  for a miracle, a boon to be granted, Lottery Luck …instead we should take responsibility of our actions and keep walking the path

” One move at a time”  teaches us taking baby steps with full conviction and you will surely reach your goal one day

Swamiji’s message is very clear …. “A consistent and persistent man of average intelligence is more likely to succeed than erratic and lazy genius”. That if  success was a sculpture we have to carve out and chisel patiently …You have to design your success . A True Guru Shouldn’t or even God cannot replace your efforts, defeats, early disappointments, unexpected events, bad time

so keep walking ….

thank you for reading

Nishant Bahri

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