Allow me to unfold the distressing page of Indian history which involves the ‘jauhar'(custom of self-immolation by women) of Rani Padmini.If you are unheard of that heroics act of bravery then I strongly recommend you to read about her.

Well, briefly,I would like to ignite that fire again and this post is being offered in that ‘Jahor-Kund’.

Rani Padmavati,fondly refereed to as Rani Padmini was a woman of unprecedented beauty.She performed ‘jauhar’ in Chittorgarh more than seven hundred years ago.

Who forced her to do so?

If you have heard this story before, then you might end up answering-‘Allauddin Khilji’.

So here,the real story begins.We can labelled Khilji as an evil one.Some people even go to that extent that they prejudiced the whole community on the behalf of misdeeds done by Khilji and other contemporary rulers.

Here, the question being arised that who is the real Enemy?Was Khilji the real enemy in case of Rani Padmini or Were The Jews real enemy in the crucifixion of Jesus?After contemplation we can easily conclude that our real enemies were neither some people nor some community.

Then,who are our real enemies?

Suppose we are ready for fight but we have no idea of opponents.What would be do?

a) We might end up panicking.

b)We might indulge ourselves in some fight with some non-real opponents.

In both the cases,we would up ended wasting our time and efforts.

So, again the question is..Who the hell are our real enemies?

In the case of Khilji, enemy may seem having the body of Khilji but it was always been an untamed mind,full of desires and having a wrong view of the world.

So,our enemy is residing neither in the person nor in the community rather it is hiding right inside us.We all have one Khilji inside us.But the good thing is if we have Khilji on one side then we are also blessed with Rani Padmini on the other side.

What does I mean by that? Whenever our Khilji started to form a wrong view of this world under the guise of its desires then we always don’t have to defeat him in the battlefield of our inner consiousness rather we have to ignite that fire inside us and jump into it,right in the front of Khilji’s eyes.

What does it implies? That fire will show our burning desire of change to our untamed mind(Khilji).After igniting the fire of courage in ourselves we’ll jump into it with the Sankalpa of change,right in the front of Khilji(our ego and all such things).

And things will start changing at random pace and we’ll be able to defeat our Khilji in a different fashion.

So,Are you guyss ready to ignite that sacred ‘Jauhar-Kund’ inside us?



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