Enlightment is a slow process that requires a lot of dedication and discipline. When we are born in this world that is a lot we have to learn and we get the right guide or guru there is a profound change in us, everything around us seems different, sadness drifts away and a loving energy takes its place.
Every human being has a life span and even if we don’t have a free will our destiny points will always be there. We will meet those we are fated to meet, go through problems, feel pain, we have debts to pay and dues to collect and if we don’t deal with these in the correct way, we will have to re-live our lives all over again.There are always reasons for everything and there are no exceptions.
Hence it is important to know yourself, to increase your understanding and practice loving kindness and detachment from all worldly things. It is important that we learn from our experiences as we always take our experiences with us.” Real happiness lies in making others happy”.Never hesitate to lend a helping hand, learn to overcome negativites and help those who need your help.Leave aside ego,and pride, be positive.Let go of anger, pride,practice forgiveness and never ever be afraid, know that God is always there to help you if you fall.
The key to our happiness lies in this life itself so live it to the fullest and to do this we must learn to love as it is love that seeks only to give and asks for nothing in return.
Our life is like the flowers in the garden, some people prefer roses, others bluebells, orchids lilies etc,and some just love the plain green grass.They are all different but still special and have one thing in common, the Lord’s light shining on them to make them blossom, grow and be beautiful

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