(This is my 9th post.I have got an opportunity of writing here from this Gupt-Navratri.When I wrote my first few posts,a idea strike down in my mind that why don’t I write exactly 9 posts before the end of Navaratri and each post would be a little offering from my side to the Lotus feet of our beloved Divine Mother and our lovely Master.)

So readers,how do we define magic? Any idea? Let’s Google it(chuckles)… According to Google Baba- ‘the use of means (such as charms or spells) believed to have supernatural power over natural forces.’ is being called as Magic.

If a candle is continuously burning inspite of the sorrounding activities which included a heavy storm then we’ll termed it as a magic.We’ll say,wow!there is a supernatural power over natural forces.Yes,that is magic but here my subtle point is that… Isn’t the burning of candle in a normal circumstances less than a magic?

What I am trying to convey is that when we say,this is a natural process then actually what we meant is that yeah,this is a process we are aware of.Like if I asked you why Eclipse happened?…then you have an answer…It is a natural process and you’ll explain it scientifically but let’s ask the similar question to the group of people existed back in the past and have no scientific understanding of this topic.What would they say?…They would definitely reckoned it as activity of  supernatural forces or something like that.

If we closely observe then literally everything is nothing but magic… everything is supernatural…our body,our digestion process,this earth, environment.Only difference is that when we understand some activities by our human brain then we termed it as natural forces when we are unable to figured it out,we simply declare it as supernatural power.But,the thing is even our human brain is supernatural.Don’t you think so?

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You guyss must be wondering why am I explaining this? Well,the thing is our mind got easily attracted to things which it considered magical like if someone will said to us that ‘X’ person can predict future then we’ll not only go that person but also do things whatever he instructed.

I am not saying it…Is it good or bad? But in this pursuit we are unable to see the real magic which is within us that we can control our emotions..we can even create extraordinary things…we can channelise our energy into anything…

In the search of some sort of magic that after merely following this or after just reading this or after wearing anything… everything gonna change(I don’t know,may be) but definitely in this search we are ignoring the magic of ourselves which is as supernatural as powerful as all above things sounded.

Why it is hard to believe in the magic of discipline?I am not talking about discipline in the sense of routine but discipline of thoughts.That which thought needs our attention and which thought needn’t and what should be the intensity of attention?

Why it is hard to believe in the magic of transformation?

Believe me if we will start treating them as magical things then our mind will start giving them special importance and things will change at a pace you can’t even imagine.(Supernaturally, chuckles)



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