Our societal norms are such that females are considered weaker than males both physically and emotionally. Males are believed to be stronger and they are not supposed to cry in public. Many people mock men when they see them crying therefore they pretend to fake a smile even if an emotional storm is going inside.

Men too get depressed, sad and insecure, which can lead to a mental breakdown.

First time, I saw a man cry was my dad when he lost his mother. Everyone was crying and mourning for the loss. Firstly, he tried to suppress feelings and emotions, when it was time for cremation, he could not control his feelings anymore. Eventually, he cried his heart out and everyone was looking at him as if he was a zombie and talking about him, that he is emotionally weak. I was quite young at that time but this incident was imprinted in my mind.

Other day, one of my colleague’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, while describing about her condition, he was almost in tears. I told him its okay, I am here for you if you need any financial or any other help.

But later I contemplated on this and thought we need to teach our boys and men that it’s OK to vent out and express your emotions. Otherwise, they will supress them and it can further lead to anger and frustration. 

What can you do as a female, whether you are mother, sister, friend or wife….

1. Ask them everyday, How are they doing? How was your day etc?

2. Teach your son at an early age, to talk about his feelings and emotions, this will improve the emotional quotient (EQ), which is as important as IQ. 

3. Tell them, that male and female brains are same at birth and it’s our social conditioning, which create gender bias. Humans are product of their feelings and emotions.

Research shows crying is healthy, as it releases some hormones, which can lift your mood and has calming effect. 

Jai Shri Hari 🙏.

Image Credit:Pixabay