So lately I was reading and watching a few videos about different accords in life, out of one was really astonishing and made an obvious thought in my mind to share with all of you through my writing. 

Reason why I am writing today is the topic “REASONS”.

I am sure reading this blog will be as much enriching to you as much it is for me.

Reasons can be used in many ways, in many instances but have you ever thought why a person or any creature would come to you.

As in Bhagwad Geeta it is profoundly stated: “Everything happens for a reason”.

I am in complete flow with this statement. Aligning my life with this thought I have been liberal in my thought processes, spiritual path, and divinely guided lights.

So,here is my way of processing this word Reasons.

Reasons: Any person/creature can come to you for three reasons:




1.     BHAVA:-

I am sure this world full of miseries and happiness and at the same time gives us immense opportunities to face our fears and struggles. As quoted by Shri Krishana Prabhu in Bhagwad Geeta: This world is a battlefield, every day you have to prove yourself, not to others, but, to yourself.

It completely depends on one how you focus on your betterment of life. Here is the best way I can quote with the help of this reasons blog, how can we focus on our betterment.

So, the first reason why someone will approach us is BHAVA(I am quoting the word in Hindi to properly give the feeling of this word.)

When someone comes you in the state of Bhava, means they will surely show you that they have some stored feelings or something for you, as a devotee with flowers in hands goes to Shri Krishna’s Lotus feet with all his bhava…the gesture of purifying himself, presenting himself in front of the almighty for the light of happiness and courage…..Shri Prabhu gives him inner bliss and it becomes a feeling which can’t be expressed.

In the same way, if someone comes to you with BHAAV…..give him/her your truest form of love, happiness, and light and devote yourself so as to become the enlightened soul amongst all.DON’T put him/ her through something which you wouldn’t wish to see or feel.

2.     ABHAAV:-

This world is full of scarcity if you feel it and abundance if you feel so. Though knowing this world in a better way, I completely agree now that people around us feel that they are full of miseries and Prabhu Ji has not catered to them all with plenty of money, power, health, etc.

Taking an example of money, people would come to you in search of money, give them…don’t hesitate. As my mother says….Those who are givers will always be bestowed with abundance from Almighty, although make sure people don’t get used to, to your giving habit and may take an undue advantage because, in this world, there are many who will suck you beyond your limit and still not be happy from you…be aware from those spirits…..they can suck out money, power, health and most importantly peace.

Giving is never a wrong choice even I think as much as can you give, almighty stands by you and protect you, though be very vigilant about it.


3.     PRABHAAV:-

This one is my favorite ……when someone comes who is inspired by you, an effect of your karma will lead them to you, give them your highest promises and great inspiring thoughts because this will cater not only their purpose of coming to you but also your purpose in this world.

I believe if from your karma, strength, dedication, and love, someone can change their way of leading life then it is a blissful way of proving yourself to be the highest soul.

All we humans are part of good and bad souls…it’s completely on us how we manage these good and bad spirits in us. I am sure everyone has felt love, happiness, compassion, forgiveness traits in yourself with this also comes lust, anger, cleverness, and jealousy kind traits in you.

It is completely a man’s decision which kind of spirit you want to devote yourself with ….to be a better and best version of yourself…or someone whom Prabhuji will say that I didn’t send him for this purpose…

I believe there are people in this world who will truly devote themselves to become better and best versions and helping and giving a Prabhaav to individuals around you and creating a world full of enlightened souls.

Jai Shri Hari

Keep chanting the name of almighty.


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