The hill path that I trod upon is strewn with stones

I nonchalantly pocket one and make it my own


This world is full of naysayers who frown upon my ilk

They don’t see things the way I do and claim that I don’t fit in


I refuse to conform to the Societal norms as I think it is sheer lame

The ones who do toe the line have surely been tamed


I can’t understand the hypocrisy that one has to endure

everyone is wearing a mask, and no one is being honest that’s for sure


In my past life I would have confronted and taken everything as a slight

I would have said my piece with glee and wouldn’t have gone down without a fight


These events now though do not bother me anymore

I don’t owe these people anything and what they think is par for the course


I’m the author of my story and I write it as I deem it fit

No one else but I decide the characters I want in it


This life ceases to be a puzzle since I can’t make sense of it

What better way than to be like water and just flow with it


The journey does not end here even when I’m gone

for there is another chapter waiting to be written when I will be reborn


There might be some who will say that I was a rebel without a cause

To those I would say reflect on your life and take a timely pause


This world can be a beautiful paradise

Only if we live in it without malice or prejudice in sight


Photo Credit Daria Shevtsova



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