Have you  ever lost your track ? Have you ever felt your  self completely lost ?Have you ever felt need that may somebody come to you and charge you just like when your cell phone needs charging and u plug in the charger and it gets charged ?

It happened with me this year twice even after joining the most loveable family os.me….and inspite of listening Swamiji’s discourse on you tube ….For this I blame the tendencies of my mind … after effects of trauma that I experienced in roller coaster ride of my life.Yes I wanted to share honestly my truth with you …I..felt sometimes completely out of track and just wanted to shut down myself from everything . I keep on fighting with my own mind … stopped following Black lotus stopped listening discourses and ever reading and writing anything .One day I was just going through list of books by Swami Ji and suddenly I came to know about books of Swami ji…and I decided to order book Truth to be told ,Om Swami as we know him …one afer the other Book of faith ..last Gambit …and that’s it something changed inside …. Again My GLOW WORM was there to show me the track …and I learnt how to recharge myself.Dear family it happened with me again few days back …and this time I know how and from where I can recharge myself….and this time I read THE RAIN MAKER .Its amazing experience to read it and I again found MY GLOW WORM was always with me to show the path …it’s me who forgets to follow it’s DIVINE PATH .

At the end I would like to ask have you ever experienced like this and how do you charge yourself 🤔?

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