One of the most beautiful things Swami Ji brought about in my life is Kabir’s dohas. I fell in love with them.

One of my favorite I often like to sing, by myself unless I want to politely want someone to leave, is

“Guru bin gyan na upje, guru bin mile na moksha

Guru bin likhe na satya ko, guru bin mite na dosh.”

I think when seeds of spirituality were just taking root, I didn’t care about no gyan or moksha, all I thought was I need to purify myself and relieve my wrongdoings so I can increase my karmic bank account.

Now when I sing the doha, I pause to reflect on how did I come so far, how did I gain this little bit of knowledge, I almost feel like a completely different person!. Few years earlier, I was seeking only material progress, trying to impress women and the world. But then started to ask the big questions of life, why I am doing what I am currently doing? A series of questions and going inward and I feel its almost a miracle.

Now I sing the same doha pretty much every morning & evening but have a different perspective.
It brings a smile to my face, feeling I am making spiritual progress. And once you know what makes you smile, you know with certainty you are on the right path.

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