Sometimes little things can catapult you out of misery & make you a witness of divnity. 

I have this strange feeling whenever I try to recollect the events that for me was like a little miracle on a very unremarkable day. Strange fortune or divine grace, there’s something about praying with heart which has now ingrained itself in my soul. So here how it all went : 

It was around 1:00 , on a hot afternoon, I was sitting on a plastic chair in the accounts department of my college, waiting for the clerk to clear my accounts & sign my application of all dues cleared,   getting impatient with every passing moment, I remembered screaming in my mind ” Come on man, I waited long enough in the bank & documents office, I have to get my application signed by the dean, It’s been 2 days I am circling your office .”  I was feeling all lost, that bank statement haven’t come yet but what can I do apart for being seated on a chair , looking out of the window at the flying pigeon or looking at people staring at me questioning, why I was sitting there. Let’s say waiting isn’t my strongest hold. 

It was out of nowhere that I suddenly started repeating my guru mantra in my mind but nothing happened, I jumped to maa durga for help but to no avail, then Lord ganesha but it didn’t worked either all the while bugging the clerk about the status & being answered in negative, in one last hope, I started reciting gayatri mantra in a manner when you really call out the loud & to my surprise within few reps, the clerk called my name & signed my application. Elated, I can’t wait to leave but before leaving I thanked ved mata for this little miracle which not only helped me but strengthen my belief. Ngl, it feels beyond happy, when what you ask is granted by divine or when divine help comes to rescue, the feeling is beyond the capacity of words to express. 

After I reached home, I offered my first bite of meal to ved mata, as a token of my gratitude. What can I say other than, 

Thank you!! Vedmata, thank you for everything. 

Bolo ved mata gayatri ki jai! 

( Salutation to vedmata gayatri) 

ps : Not a very big thing but hope this can stir a little devotion towards the divine whoever is reading this. 

Thank you for reading. 

Sahil Om