As the Tatto baba episode finished and we as a family regained our calm after a bit of Chuglee of bua ,foofa ,baaba Tatto and Dushyant ,i called the pager office to leave my phone number for Bharat to call back! It had been more than 29 hours seeing his deep eyes and hearing his voice, after around half an hour the bell of our land line rang and i picked the phone with fast heart beat and a mischievous smile ,With most sweet voice i said ” hello” ,The other side voice was a man s only..but not Bharats but my Career consultant ” Mr Majeed s” ,He was the owner of Zenith consultancies and was an instrument in getting jobs to candidates ,taking his commission from companies! Back then there were no placement agencies but very few highly connected retired or pre maturely retired professional helping in hiring and recruitment of qualified employees for M.n.cs, before my Bombay visit ,i had appeared for a gruilling interview for Salon Service manager at J.l. morison( the company which sells nivea creams) .” U have been short listed for the final selection ,and have to attend an interview with the Branch manager Delhi tomorrow 11am at Rohit house kasturba gandhi marg” said an excited Mr Majeed( he would get half of my salary from the company if i got appointed) ,” “Ok ,i ll be there said ,” i. So i kept the phone and felt very excited aswell confident of my self to be getting short listed for such a good company ! Mean while it was 10 pm and no call from Bombay ,with no mobile phone and no land line at his house how but i could even hear his voice? I slept ultimately at 11.30 thinking he ll visit my dream but he dint! Morning was a rush hour both for my parents and me it being Monday and 2 shared wash rooms between 4 people! So i thought ,after my final interview, i ll reach my existent office and page Bharat from there! ,when u want something too eagerly or in excitement Nature ensures like often reminding, type your comments slowly) ,for us to be patient and wait! Any ways i reached my interview sight at 11 am and was finally interviewed at 12.30 pm and asked to wait outside at reception of the office! My mind was still with Bharat, is he not missing me ,i saw my pager and switched it off and onn thrice aswelll asked office staff of J.l morison..
“Do u get signals propey here?”, at 1.30 pm a peon from Branch manager s office recalled me inside and my future boss Mr Nishant Mehta handed me over an appointment letter with a heavy shake hand and a broad smile!” Your training as Salon Service manager starts from day after, with a training at Chandigarh branch!” ,”but i m not a fresher Sir “,i told him “like other executives of other towns who were selected from mba campuses…i had to give 15 days notice to my company”,Thats your problem ” .Good companies are very curt in their desicions! Now i had to decide foregoing 15 days salary or this job which was a dream Job( need ,greed ,ambition and mindfulness…i never had Swamiji s wisdom and grace at that time) .Lost in my thoughts of what and how would i inform my current boss ,who at his own risk had employed a female( most bosses were of opinion ,young girls are poor recruits ,they get married and get kids to quit jobs ,why to waste money on them) , Ultimately i paged Bharat at 3pm ,and gave him office reception number to talk to me urgently, He called me after an hour…till then i discussed all my Bombay memorries and adventures with Sonal ,the only female staff ( a telephone operator aswell rsm s p.a) , Bharat said ” HELLO” in a most somber voice !and i from here in an excited voice said” its 48 hours ,we haven’t talked, i have been missing u badly and my parents approved our marriage” In 45 seconds i told him each of my excitement, emotion and centiments,The message and voice which came from other side was” Yesterday all my sisters, their husbands and me and My mom discussed our future marriage plans ,but with the life style and family background you have ,you would never be able to adjust in our family!” , As if sky broke for me” But i ll adjust each and every struggle Bharat ,i m not a greedy or materialistic girl, and both of us can work hard to have a good life style” said i , ” My mother has sacrificed a lot for my iit ,m.b.a and with no Father and divorced sister ,i cant give her pain Meera” , he sobbed i think a little and said ” Better you move ahead with a promising boy of your parents choice and never message me! I ll never call back! I m deleting your number ! But remember …i was never a liar” , After this he hanged on the call , i never heard from him again ,Now it was time to decide weather to head for Chandigarh training day after or continue in Delhi …

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