When I was out for my evening walk, I met a neighbour on the way walking his dog. He is a student. While walking together, we discussed about his dog. He mentioned how rare the dog breed was; that it requires special food; feeding it at regular intervals, taking it to the salon; getting it treated at the vet and so on. Listening to him, I was impressed by his patience and interest in taking good care of his dog.

When I returned home, I thought about the boy’s keen interest in raising his dog. I asked myself, “What made him have such great responsibility towards the dog?” Maybe it was because the dog gives him immense joy as they play together, and also the fact that the dog doesn’t judge him.

I had many thoughts and questions in my mind, like: Why is human-to-human relationship so complicated compared to our relationship with pets? I think it is because our mind always tends to judge others, which creates restlessness in mind, preventing us from building good relationships with others. Every one of us wants to be loved, cared and respected.

So how does one get their desired qualities from a relationship? I think we have to work just like the boy and his dog. His love and interest toward his dog made him more responsible, which in turn gets him joy and affection from his pet.

Firstly, we have to give love, care and respect to our relationship. Secondly, we have to wait and be patient with it, even though it may not provide immediate results, it’d gradually develop over time. When we plant a seed of love, it takes time to sprout. We have to keep nourishing it with care and patience. One day, the flower blooms and gives us joy in our relationships. Ultimately, it is necessary to keep good relationships with each other as they are the only source to give and receive moral support during tough times.