While we were kids we were nourished to pray God everyday and worship & seek his blessings. Belonging to a religious family, atmosphere in home is always filled with vibrations of divinity and my mom and dad worship religious and serve wherever and whatever they can. In fact, all his entire life, he served so much that his entire life is a dedication to God. His love for Maa is such pure and beautiful. And mom as devoted wife always a helping hand to my dad in all his worship. Making everything a success. And it is so true that when we together perform pooja with combined effort and with sameness of love & devotion all will be accepted by God.

When I was growing up I had so many opportunities to have fun but my inclination is more towards God. I often go to temple and also in home temple, participate in performing pooja. At very early I started reading scriptures and glories of God. Imbibing the spirit of Bhagwan in my own become my favorite things. I always try to get rid of whatever baggage in life since my childhood and conduct myself a beautifully. Over a period of time I started becoming more closer to God and started distancing with friends and family. Would spend more time with God then anyone else. People would start relating me with divine beings but I just say nothing like that. I do not take their words seriously because God says do not focus on praise since it is an enemy of devotion. I would experience so many but never paid any heed to them. 

The relation in soul is so built as I feel that it always infuses I  me the strength to always on righteous path. When you have faith in God it will always protect you going wrong. It is proven. Good values will find place in your being and beauty of God’s love and his energy running you will radiate in your being. There is no love greater than the love of God. This is what I found in my journey. Hopefully you all too thinks the same.


Jai Sri Hari 🙏🌸


~Neelam Om

P.S. Thank you os.me family for reading and encouraging me. It really fills me with warmth and confidence. keep encouraging.