Religion has become a potential weapon in modern world. The world we are living in, is already facing so many crisis in different spheres of life, be it health, economy, environment or international issues. Religion has started being in these scalable problems for many countries specially developing one’s like our.

Humans have progressed multifold but when it comes to religion we have degraded the most. Though modern human is expected to be more reasonable, just and thoughtful but unfortunately it’s exactly the other way, we are falling more and more into ritualistic practices rather then working upon our oneness with God, as suggested by all of the religions. As every religion believes in a supreme being or power which is the reason for all that exists. And I think that supreme creator must be so pained while seeing his best creation being killed, fooled, raped and tortured in his name.

To end this misuse of misguided believers in acts of inhumanity, we need to spread religion’s true lesson of love, harmony, forgiveness and brotherhood. Religion is path for the attainment of bliss for our souls.

I don’t think God needs rituals to love or bless his creations, or he will punish us for not performing that, but I am sure he will be pained if we do something inhuman specially in his/her name.

So let’s start loving people as creations of God and moreover as a part of his own soul. Then the world will surely be more happy, satisfying and developed one!


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