This is my second post. I thought my second post should be useful for everyone. As we know, there are many COVID remedies posts on WhatsApp and I Just gathered one place here. *The italic ones – we are following.

Remedies – every time when we go out and return to our home

  • Taking Water Steam . * please don’t add any oil/camphor/ingredians for regular practice and for lungs safe.
  • Doing Bastrika in Washroom .* It is advised no one should around at the time of doing.

Vamanam/Vomiting/goggling –

Tounge cleaning – It is better to keep cloves in mouth before sleep

If we gone very crowd places like vegetables/super market – it is better to have bath.

Extra Care when we have doubts that we might met ve persons normally Yoga practitioner do.

  • Jala neeti : Cleaning Nostrils with Water pot
  • Nasika Churanm : Very powerful
  • Vastra Dhouti

Remedies – If something or someone comes to our home

  • Sanitizing the things
  • Sanitize our hands/Cleaning our hands
  • Washing the things.

Remedies exchanging Whats up on Kitchen Ingredians

💐Good News💐
Finally, CAJY VAZ, an Indian EX Student from St. Xavier’s High School from Mumbai, presently based in Goa, found a home remedy for Covid 19, which was approved by the WOH for the first time. He proved that one teaspoon of pepper powder, two teaspoons of honey, a little ginger juice taken for 5 consecutive days can eliminate the effect of corona up to 100%.

📌 Tips

🌿 CHEW : Neem leaves, 🌱 Mahavilva leaves, Raw Amla with Salt.
🍯 CONSUME : Organic Turmeric ball, Chyawanprash, Amla, Honey- Pepper corn soaked mixture. 🍲
☕ DRINK : Nilavembu Kashayam, Hot water

2. Camphor Potli

Remedies i came to know for covid 1


Remedies i came to know for covid 2

4. Popular Vidoes on WhatsApp

Sheetali Prnayama – Oxyzen Improvement

Bramari Pranayama -Replaces  Nasal Spray – Nitic Oxyde

Preventive Vidoes on WhatsApp

5. Best Immunity boosters which are proven by friends.

Remedies i came to know for covid 3 Remedies i came to know for covid 4

6. Very Important Video – A director  intentionly got effected by virus and removed from body in 4days with NATURE CURE.

It is in Telugu  – But,  you can refer Transcripts in English.

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