Six years ago on this same day I lost a treasured part of my life, my lovely dog, Cassy. This is not a sad post, it is just me remembering and recalling all the good memories she has given me. Remembering cassy 2I always liked dogs a lot but never actually knew how much I could love one till I actually got one of my own. 

 The story begins a long time ago when I was still in junior college. A friend of mine knew an uncle who was looking for a nice home for the last of his Labrador pup. I didn’t usually ask my parents much (at least I assumed so), so I barely had any hope when I asked my dad if we could get this pup home. To my utter amazement, he said yes and that too with no struggle. I was elated.

I had an exam that day. I came to find my pup welcoming me at my friend’s place. My mom was away for the day and was going to return only late evening. So I took my pup and walked home. I was terrified. She was so small and I had never taken care of anything or anyone before all by myself and that too someone so small. I kept calling my mom all day long asking variety of questions like what do I feed her, how much water should I give her, what beddings should I put for her, etc etc. She kept roaming around my leg and following me all day long. We both took a long afternoon nap coz we were both really tired of having to look after each other, and the day got salvaged. I can never forget that day.

How we often say- beta bilkul apni ma par gayi hai. Likewise I (and anybody who really knew me) would always say- Cassy bilkul Durga pe gayi hai. There were these two things that she loved to do most in the whole world- eating and sleeping. Remembering cassy 3Everything else could wait for us. She was my perfect partner in crime, helping me escape from my mom whenever I needed it😜

She was adorable and got so excited every time we came from outside. It’s such a wonderful feeling to walk into your home when you know somebody is there waiting for you ready to jump on you and shower all their love on you.

Remembering cassy 4People say dogs are our best companions. Cassy, for me, was not only my companion but more, she was my first child, my soft toy, my cuddle machine, Remembering cassy 5my muse to all my photography tries and what not.

She was the best thing that happened to me and I am so grateful that she came into my life. I miss her so really much. Love you so so much Cassy 😘♥️

PS: I’ve never really had a chance of giving Cassy an eulogy, so I am actually thankful to this platform for this opportunity and thank you for taking time to read this.


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