I have been granted for a day Divine Remote Calmness ,hope ,happiness will i Promote Confusion and anxiety i ll Transport Colour of Gratitude give as Antidote The Volume of mental scilence in foot note The clicker of patience will brighten Hearts Port Boredome ,anger we ll win your Fort The faith and devotion are in our Boat If you wear a waist coat or draped in petti coat Disgust ,resentment make u a scape Goat, The power button will Denote Compassion ,kindness and Divine Grace coat The play back button on my Remote Will wipe all note our mind over Wrote. Channel of Kirtan and Satsang we ll Vote Live each day by Black Lotus Quote! Yash at at end fom os.me community…

May U alway s to Shiva life Devote….
Happy b.day dearest Yash. ….

Hum bhee agar bache hote ,naan humara hota abloo dabloo ,khaane ko milte ladooo…Aur Duniya kehti ,happy birthday To you!