Neha became my best friend in class 10 th ,she was any boys dream Girl …fair , curly haired ,slim ,tall ,with beautiful black fish shaped eyes the most sorted dancer aswell having enough pocket money to treat everyone in canteen each day aswell a foreign visiting dad at regular intervals ,so with latest pencile boxes which were magnetic and toe socks even in 1995! But she was equally coy and extremely low on self confidence due to a very dominant and bullying brother and a suspicious mother who hit her with a hanger even if her menstural date was missed by 5 days ! She made me her freind because i was always the Tom boyish confident Pehelwaan types who would protect her against all road side and school Romeos who often claimed when we shared the same rikshaw for commuting to school that they had failed in her love or often wrote letters with blood to her or even pierced her name on their arms with blade or compass( yes i have lived boly wood) ,but Neha was too scared of her family to ever make a boyfriend or fall in love ! There was another side of under confident stammering Neha ,She used to talk hours on land line phone even to unknown boys when her mother was away at work ,her brother was at his computer institute and she was all by herself in her house from 3pm to 6pm. Like her talking increased with these boys ,one of them became her favourite. He was Mickey an airline pilot as she told her ! For almost an year she talked to him and he gave her lot of comfort ,confidence and connection with himself.Neha started getting confident and one day in class 12 told me she wants to Marry this guy Mickey! Till then she had not even seen his face,leave alone meeting, back then ,there was no face book or mobile. I saw her in amazement and said Neha , use your brain ,we r not even 18 yet! On her 17th 20th December a very chilly Delhi evening, Neha invited me to her house for high tea ,all her aunts uncles ,cousins were there to celebrate her, around 7pm among relatives without my knowledge and without taking me into confidence she told her Mother , ..
Meera has baked a cake for me at her place as a surprise and her parents who love me a lot are waiting for me to cut that cake, i m going to her house and will be back in an hour . Neha s apartment were 1km away from our flats and as school friends as both working parents she was very fond of my very friendly and loving parents and used to often visit our family for after school lunch. So her family was ok on her going out with me and beleived her too! I too tried to avoid the blank look on my face , as soon as we moved out of her apartment gate ,i asked Neha ,what is this ? She said Mickey is waiting for me just outside your flats ..this is my gift from him ! I promise i ll reach back home at 8pm as promised by her to her family! Though i dint approve her desicion of meeting literally a stranger that too when we were not yet adults and he said he is 7 years elder to us ,but it was Neha s and we were excited love stuck teenagers! Any ways with no mobile phones there was no way any one could track Neha. So I went back home at 7 and forgot too about Neha s rendezvou , Around 10 pm our house bell rang and we were shocked to see Neha s brother who was quite in rage and screamed Neha come back home where r u? My parents gave me a blank look and i started covering up saying Bhaiya ,she left our house at 7 45 pm ,i myself ensured she took a rikshaw to reach back home! But her sooper angry brother was not to relent and threatened my parents and me.
We sent Neha to your house and she is not back ,i ll take your daughter to Police station now .Since we were very non controversial or u may say darpok family ,the name of police made us sweat even in a December night! My mother was brave to say ,but i wont let Meera go alone with u at this hour to the police station and accompanied us ,as we reached colony gate we Saw Neha getting down from an Auto ,as soon as her brother saw her he literally grabbed her from her neck and slapped her….where were you foolish? She stuttered and made a story of rikshaw wala trying to abduct her and how she managed to run away from some secluded spot ,mean while me and my mom returned back to our house with Saans mei saans . The next day a blue and black Neha came to school beaten by her family and diclosed to me Mickey had taken her to Gurgao and his car tyre got flat and they could only find a puncture station after a hunt of 2 hours! Have you ever faced such a dilema? Have u lied for a friend? Have you been caught with that lie?

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