Yesterday I had left home after a long time (since the rains in mumbai have taken a short break) for some work and on the way back decided to pick up some veggies from the neighborhood sabziwala from whom I generally buy vegetables

While selecting vegetables at his stall, a thought came to talk with him about the Sadhana App – since I have seen him to be quite savvy (using a smartphone confidently) with digital transactions/accepting e-payments.

When I started explaining the context of the app – what why and how – I could see him along with his assistants absorbing all details with rapt attention – the fact that one could perform various rites and rituals on the app as well as educate children on various facets of Sanatan Dharma in a refreshing and engaging manner , it really got them very excited about it. And once I shared that it is absolutely FREE, it was their WOW moment – immediately downloading it from the play store.

I also discussed that when I have some leaflets ready to generate more awareness about the app I would want him to help as a distributor of such leaflets to all customers who come to him to buy veggies – and he accepted the proposal with much enthusiasm

I felt this experience as an enriching one, opens new doors for taking the app to a larger audience through word of mouth publicity – and I am now encouraged to share the same with certain other people whom I tend to meet in my daily life – shopkeepers whom I visit frequently, my maid , certain other vendors providing different services – 

Key takeaway – there is a high level of curiosity among all these people striving for a livelihood in urban centers to learn (and practice in a easy manner) about Sanatan Dharma and the fact that an app on their smartphones (that too absolutely free) can help fulfill that latent need can make a huge difference to their lives.


Thank you Swamiji 🙏🏻🌺 for getting Sadhana into our lives . 

Love & Regards