I write this in airports waiting for flight. In reality iam writing to.keep myself occupied from eating all over priced junk food which seem to weaken my will with its aroma all around.

If Hollywood has exorcists Ed&Lorraine Warren (The conjuring, Nun films), we have mom-daughter duo Ipsita Roy chakravarty & deepa Roy chakravarty. If Japan has Aokigahara , we have Bangarh fort in Rajasthan. Couple of weeks ago I finished Ipsita Roy chakravarty book “Sacred Evil- The encounters to unknown”. She & her daughter are new age popular Wiccan witches. The book thankfully wasn’t blood curdling scary but on safe side I never read after the lunch lest fear haunts me in nights considering I live alone. Her daughter as well written “Bangarh to Bedlam” (which I didn’t read). Essentially mom & daughter deal with invisible forces, haunted places , energy vortex etc . These books give kind of healthy info on other side of realm without frightening us like Ramsay to RGV.ghost films. (Aokigahara, the suicide forest where hundreds go & commit suicide. So many dead bodies in one Forest. Very visual of Forest, however green evokes strange chill of fear down spine)

Rendezvous with paranormal 1/2 1

This brings to question. Do ghosts exist? If 50% of Earth says No, other 50% show their selfies with ghosts (just exaggerating to prove the point). Born as millennial has its advantages. No 4G & no Dr.Google to consult for every query. I probably showed every quirkiness a lunatic would have showed as child & thankfully my parents didn’t knew words such as ADHD or Bipolar.

Rendezvous with paranormal 1/2 2

I was by nature curious as cat. Whichever caught my attention, I dug deep. This includes Aliens, Ghosts, secret societies etc etc Always reading & exploring. We used to live in Govt estates and most of buildings were British construct. Each wall would be half a feet thick & ceiling would be 20 feet with plenty of open spaces front & backyard. Once the lights switched off, we can’t even see our own hands in our pitch dark rooms. And as tradition, every British built houses had tale of specter.

Ever since we moved to this house, we could feel heavy atmosphere hanging in the air. Behind home stood centuries old banyan tree ,while front of house had huge oak tree. Not many neighbors visited my home. Infact none visited. They will just come to door or invite us to their houses. Somehow things didn’t go well in house. Family falling sick frequently . When my family members have fallen sick, slowly neighbors revealed that house was haunted & previously person lived alone & did all sorts of occult. This was reason why no one visited my home. But for 17 year old me, life was full to brim to notice changes. But one night I did feel someone was next to me. I could hear gibberish sounds & feeling someone lay next to me on bed (was able to feel bed sinking). I just dismissed it though.

Rendezvous with paranormal 1/2 3

Finally My family couldn’t take it & when adjoining house got vacated, we shifted to it. When next occupant came to house, he left it mysteriously without reason. After that last occupant, no one dared to occupy house. Govt Finally demolished it citing safety issues due to old construction. After many years, after we left the city, mom said, every noon when she was alone, she used to see small girl gesturing her to come. Obviously she didn’t want to frighten other folks in home but nevertheless wracked her nerves & had to be hospitalized. I wondered if she hallucinated but never raised the issue again. After all 18yr old lives in their own world of hallucinations 🤣😅