.I wrote partly when I was flying to tirupati. Hence the pic of Lord Venkateswara whose statue was in airport.

Rendezvous with paranormal 2/2 1………Tirupati airport……..

Every faith & country & culture certainly has legends of spooky & haunted. Modern civilization or ancient tribes. Land or oceans (sirens are spirits that tempt sailors to deaths). Recent film Stree was inspired by incidents of similar kind in south India (I have seen such sign on house once). When in mizoram, being Christian state, we hear about secret Satan worshippers. While wondering how true it could be , once local people discovered a women badly beaten & tied at pulpit in church on busy road. It’s later discovered that she was earlier part of cult that are devil worshippers. When she returned back to church, her former cult members punished her. Pope of Vatican once mentioned that violent crimes were result of devilish possession & nazism is example. In romania , witchcraft is legal business & taxable afterall Dracula & Transvalenia are in Romania.¬†

Like I previous post mentioned ,that once something catches my fancy, I dig deep. Those were days when Ghosts, Paranormal was theme. I used to ask everyone what’s their experience. Moreover once you are obsessed, your mind starts seeing specter behind every Bush & shadows. All false alarms. Btw Here’s link to Indias famous Paranormal investigator mysterious death.


Rendezvous with paranormal 2/2 2

British soldiers graveyard, Kolkata 

My real or allegedly real encounter happened decade ago after I quit my bank job. For an year I loitered aimlessly. During those days , I developed stinging leg aches. I figured it could be arthritis or something like that. I exercised or jogged everyday hoping pain recedes. The pain was neither muscle or bone. But kinda electric passing kind of sensations. I kept it to myself as it was not serious.

One night, I felt suffocation & as if someone squeeze throat. Sleep paralysis set. I was not able to move despite one part of mind saying, its just a dream & you need to wake up. With great difficulty, I woke up sweating. Time was around 3 am. I couldn’t remember the nightmare but knew it was very scary. By nextday , I forgot the dream & had good sleep. But again , same dream, same terror struck. When I woke up from nightmare, I checked time. It was same time. Third day, fear set in me but still too proud to confide with anyone. Third day I kept myself awake till 1 am & slept only when it’s no longer possible to be awake. But again, at 3 am, same nightmare. This time, I screamed.

Once accident . Twice coincidence. Thrice? What should I say? Moreover I don’t think dreams repeat.¬†
Now my family knew something was wrong as I kept my room open & windows closed. Moreover they must have heard my screaming previous night. Finally I confided the issue. I was too educated & not able to give logical answers to incidents. My family took me to pundit. I felt all pundits are PhD in scamsters to gullible guys who wanted divine intervention. In my imagination, I felt this pundit would be like amrish puri in black clothes with skulls around him. To my surprise, he was regular guy under tree. After hearing my condition patiently, he invited us to his home where small altar was present.

Rendezvous with paranormal 2/2 3

He said iam being effected by some tramp spirit and its messing with my mind. Its making me take illogical decisions such as resigning abruptly from govt bank. He then said, he will do small puja& I will be fine. Now I felt this guy is taking us for royal ride by saying things I can’t prove. But what he said next sent shudders down the spine. He said, the Leg aches are result of that spirit & right now ,it is standing at door. It was sheer shock coz I haven’t revealed about leg issue to anyone. He didn’t even take huge amount, just price for ingredients. After puja was done, I went home dazed. I was scared even to sleep fearing dream to haunt me. However that night, after over week, I was able to sleep well. When I woke up next day, I discovered leg pains vanished mysteriously.

Did you folks anytime has experienced something like these or heard from others?

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