Jai Sri Hari everyone

This is my 100th post. 

Infact this would have come somewhere in July- August but i am ahead of time you see. 🙂

With the “Story Time” series, i had decided to publish maximum three stories per month. Though i was very apprehensive of starting that series as i was not very sure how you guys will take it, (as i mostly write on issues which are personal or affects me personally), but you all are awesome. I got very encouraging comments on many of those posts.

Therefore instead of posting them as scheduled, i decided to post them back to back. Apologies if you got a feeling that you were  spammed by unwanted e-mails. 😄

That series was mainly for people like me who had no idea about the amazing stories from our mythological texts.  🙁

So why this post came now when it was to come later…. well…lack of patience my friend…😬

NO. The real reason is that i have come to realise that i need to format my life, just like my laptop, and for that i need to backup my life and install many new software. 

That means i will be planning my life in a new way while deleting some not so good old memories, incidents and any activity which is too time consuming.

Though os.me is my family and i reiterate i have found the best people of my life from this platform only, however it is now taking up a lot of my time.

With daughter’s reopening of school, managing house, and many other small activities, i am left with very less time.

Further i am planning to spend more time with my clients and in counseling them.  Also learning some more skill is in the pipeline.  So coming days are going to be more challenging for me.

On the top of it, i am fed up with all the arts and craft activities these school people give. With rising covid cases i am sure hybrid mode of study is going to be back soon. So i have to gear up for that too.

Ye Nanhi si jaan kya kya kare?🙄

I will be sharing few posts on os.me once in a while as i know i can’t stay away from this platform for long and i am very hopeful you all will still be kind with me in your comments. (That’s compulsory.  okay?)

Once again love you all. A big tight hug to everyone. You all make this world so so beautiful with your love and kindness.  

I will keep you all posted with my life and its updates, as and when i have something meaningful to share. 

And i am sure i am not going to start any other series. So all those who got bored with the series- take a deep breath and say your grace. 🙂 because it’s over now. 

(Meanwhile, i would like to extend my sincere thanks to each one of you who has encouraged Ishanvi (Geet), my daughter, on os.me. Super happy to see the overwhelming response you all are giving to her and treating her so well. Thanks for accepting her as a part of this kind and loving family. Though she has few posts in her draft too, she will be writing more in her summer vacations. )

PS: Pls note that How much time do you spend on yourself  (see the tagline of the post) does not include the time spent on social media platforms. With grace i have heavily reduced the hours i waste on such unwanted things. Every week i am reducing it drastically. I request you to keep a check on the digital wellbeing in the settings of your phone (I do not own an iPhone so i have no idea which app is used there for the same) and you will realise how irresponsibly and casually we are wasting precious time. Use it wisely , for your betterment. Be a better version of yourself and always remember- At the end, nothing matters eventually.

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