They say, 

when there is no hope

wait a little while longer 

there will be smiles before the end of the show 

the road will take a turn 

so soften up and let lose 

sometimes though 

nothing makes sense 

or even moves your senses

there are no questions 

nor answers

just an endless gaze 

not knowing where to stare

thinking, maybe I wasn’t meant to be;

walking on a path that pulled me 

more than i could resist 

there is struggle everywhere 

in the curl of the lips 

a walk to the river

to the temple 

or just to be 

these cross roads have always been my destiny 

circumstances changed

even people did 


these struggles always remained

these cross roads were always 

where i was

Today though, 

I resign

from all challenges that could bring success & glory 

from chasing unfulfilled dreams 

all expectations ; from myself and from you  

cause you would be cold 

and turning away 


I own my sorrows 

and the pedestal laid out in glee

I own the mistakes 

the ones 

i tried to resist 

and the ones i did to coexist 

Today, i accept my own resignation 

from all the coming 

and going 

in the world 

and away from it