An amazing day has started. Beautiful beggings start with a beautiful day. Can anyone predict…. how a day will unfold for you? Destiny has to show its strength. Either good or bad…..we have to accept. Fate is something which is not predictable. Gyatari has never thought about how life will offer many colours. Her first twenty-five years of life were spent in a protected environment with her parents and extended family. Identities do change with time. Jealousy is such an emotion which can bring downfall to anyone’s life. Karun was his subordinate in office, with underlying layers of negativity for her. Low in self-esteem but high in negativity for women, he was leaving no way to show his disrespect. Maintaining integrity in such an environment is so difficult. Neither family nor friends can help in some situations. Odd situations have to be dealt with independently. Perseverance to hold you high in such an environment drains all your energy.  Quality of your living conditions determines the quality of your life. Resilience to rise above such a negative environment is person and time specific. Situations like this have made Gyatari clueless. Toxic thoughts of Karun were ruining her physical and mental health. Upholding oneself high in such situations was not easy for her. Vigour in life is not a spontaneous process, one has to make efforts to regain one’s strength. With continuous contemplation and effort, we can brighten our lives. X factor combined with your efforts can do wonders, have some faith.YOU and only you have to stand up……….Gyatari stands up to resolve the issues……stand up to find your way. Zest of life is to be found within and you can do it.

PS This is the day two assignment for the writing workshop. We have to write an article following abecedarius. Hope it makes some sense in fifteen minutes.