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It is challenging to estimate the time and effort required for discovering our Truth. Many variables affect this journey. Hence, I’ll share what I did and how long it took for me. You can plan your spiritual adventure trip using that as a reference point.

Variables Affecting My Life

I had a spiritual upbringing with ample time to study the scriptures. Seva and bhajans were a part of my childhood. Additionally, Nature cleared a ton of my Karma by putting me through a stream of difficult situations.

Besides that, my husband and I had minimal needs, and Nature gave us those without asking. We took action to extinguish our handful of desires within 3 to 4 years of marriage.

Consequently, we had no worldly wants when we met Swami for the first time. It was to the point where Swami mentioned — I’m going through your list (of wishes). I don’t see anything there! So, I’ll bless you both with a healthy and long life together.

Swami’s Estimate

I shared the above because those are factors we can’t ignore in our spiritual life. Nevertheless, my life hit rock bottom in 2012, and everything about it was upside down. I was angry, depressed, and suicidal.

Om Swami entered my life at that time, and we can safely consider that the start of my spiritual transformation. He estimated it would take me ten years to reach my destination.

I started my spiritual journey in July 2012, and it will end in June 2022. Spot on, ten years it took! I’ve shared what I did along with the timelines below.


Phase 1: July 2012 to Dec 2016 

Time: 4 years 6 months

Fix the Present

  • Quit my Job [good decision for my family]
  • Battle with depression
  • Stopped socializing
  • Exit from social media
  • Worked on fixing marital issues

Clear The Past

  • Selfless Seva [total of 4000 hrs]
  • Forgiveness Meditation [to recover from abuses]

Milestones Achieved

Dec 2016: First Ashram Visit
Purpose of Trip: Completion of Phase 1

  • Resolved marital issues
  • Won battle with depression
  • Had an Internal Vision of Devi
  • Glimpses of Past Life [In massive denial]
  • The name Aveksha gave me direction


Phase 2: Jan 2017 to Feb 2018

Time: 1 year 2 months

Clear The Past (Bhakti)

  • Moved away from toxic relationships
  • Full-Day Chanting of Om Namah Shivaya
  • Read, Watched, and Listened to Puranic tales
  • Meditated on Divine chants
  • Performed Selfless RAKs

Milestones Achieved

Feb 2018: Second Ashram Visit
Purpose of 40-day trip: Completion of Phase 2 / Solitude / Meet Swami

  • Joy and Peace through Bhakti
  • Constant Divine Presence [Singular Entity as Formless]
  • Silence of the Mind
  • Bhaava Samadhi through Bhakti
  • Feb 6, 2018: Divine Vision of Shiva-Shakti [Singular Entity as Forms]
  • Perceived Abha or radiance [Singular Entity as Devi]
  • Experienced Anahata Nada or the cosmic sound [Singular Entity as Om]
  • Glimpses of Past Life [Reluctant acceptance]
  • The name Sri Devi appeared


Phase 3: Mar 2018 to Jun 2021

Time: 3 years 4 months

Clear The Past (Sadhana Daily Routine)

  • Physical Fitness [to handle Sadhana]
  • Full-Day Chanting  of Gayatri Mantra
  • Mindful Mantra Listening (15 mins)
  • Raja Yoga Meditation (15 mins)
  • Mundane activities into mindfulness exercises

Clear The Past (Added midway to Routine)

  • Sri Vidya (Mantra) Chanting (15 mins)
  • Kundalini Maha Mantra on Knots (15 mins)
  • Chanting for World (as required)

Transcend The Future

  • Retaining Contentment
  • Building Non-Attachment
  • Overcoming some Insecurities
  • Selfless Writing for the World

Surya Sadhana in 2018-2019

  • Manasic Sadhana
  • Regulated my body heat
  • Reduced menstrual issues

Sri Vidya (Mantra) Sadhana in 2019

  • Manasic Sadhana
  • Dream of Lakshmi
  • Got Sri Chakra blessed by Swami

Nava Durga Sadhana in Mar 2020

  • Manasic Sadhana
  • Experience of Merger with Devi
  • Dream of Kali
  • Dream of Swami as Shiva

Milestones Achieved

Jun 2021: Skipped Ashram Visit due to COVID-19
Purpose: Completion of Phase 3

  • Materialization of Thoughts
  • Permanent Joy and Peace
  • Living in a Meditative State
  • Mindfulness became a habit
  • Tendencies started changing for good
  • Anger became almost non-existent
  • Feeling non-attached and content
  • Acceptance of Truth


Phase 4: Jul 2021 to Jun 2022

Time (Planned): 1 year

Reaching The Singular Entity (Daily Routine)

  • Raja Yoga Meditation (15 mins)
  • Gayatri Chanting (15 mins)
  • Sri Vidya (Mantra) Chanting (15 mins)
  • Kundalini Maha Mantra on Knots (15 mins)
  • Chanting for World (as required)

Kundalini Meditation (Added midway to Routine)

  • Felt sensations as in Swami’s Kundalini book
  • Meditation on Sahasrara (15 mins)
  • Witnessed Devi sitting in me
  • Glimpse of One more Past Life

Gayatri Sadhana in Dec 2021

  • Manasic Sadhana
  • Dream of Gayatri Devi

Milestones Achieved

Apr 2022: Dream of Swami
Purpose of Dream: Indicated End of Spiritual Journey

  • Apr 2, 2022: Samadhi at will for the first time
  • Permanent Joy and Peace
  • Mindfulness to handle tendencies
  • Mindful Sadness [sages feel sadness, so no escaping this!]
  • Writing in Leela or Zen mode

Finishing Touches — To Complete by Jun 2022 

  • No email or phone except essentials [Swami’s indication]
  • Handle the world [Feeling intense sadness in others’ pain now]
  • Fine-tune some spiritual goals
  • Take good care of my health
  • Live in Leela or Zen Mode
  • Focus on My Purpose [Revive SD’s scriptures]


That’s my decade of spiritual travel. It took precisely ten years, as my beloved Swami had estimated. Not a month, more or less!

If I had gotten Swami’s Deeksha, he would’ve taken my past Karma, reducing my journey time by 50%. Yet, I didn’t have the heart to make him experience pain for me. Consequently, I went the whole nine yards by taking his guidance. Swami knew my heart, so his estimate omitted his Deeksha.

Also, by Divine Grace, I didn’t compromise my responsibilities toward my husband and son. I almost treated my spiritual pursuits as my hobby, which I practiced during my free time (except for my 40-day solitude). Plus, I did my best to accommodate my parents by supporting their spiritual transformation.

Therefore, I consider my decade well spent because pursuing my spiritual dreams was genuinely worth it. Today, I feel content, non-attached, joyous, and peaceful. Even my sadness is mindful, and I’m a much better version of myself.

As they say, all’s well that ends well.



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