Exercise from today’s Workshop.  

Worst memory?

The human mind is a miracle of nature. Its defence mechanisms are what make our lives better. Coupled with Time, the pain of events fade into nothingness. All of us have a wish, if I could start over, mend this situation or take back my words. Some wish to restart their life over again for redemption. 

I have no such wish. The pain has faded into nothingness, but the memories are strong. I still relive some of the horrible memories of the past. I want to forget, yet I cling to those memories, out of choice. The day I choose to forget will be the day that I don’t connect to my past anymore. I will be a different person. There is a difference between being a changed person versus being a different person. 

This is a genda, it requires moderate amounts of water, fertilisers and moderate sun to bloom. This is a cactus, it requires little water, arid soil and sultry heat to bloom. This is a lotus; it requires a copious amount of water, muddy soil and lots of sunshine. Yet, the beauty of each of these flowers is unique. They thrive in their respective environments. 

Article to be published on Tuesday 30th August 2022.