A recent attack of viral fever made me realize how we have banished ‘moments of contemplative silence’ from our lives.

This is how the realization unfolded and made me take a re-look at the maddening pace of my life.

As I lay on the bed, in the grip of fever and feeling weak in body and spirit, my restless mind looked for an escape. Instinctively, as a way of addiction, I turned towards my smartphone to bail me out of the troubled situation, albeit temporarily. After fifteen minutes of browsing the internet and social networking, I felt more more exhausted than before and utterly lost. The good old book by my bedside also failed to bring me any relief. Going to You Tube for a dose of inspiration, in the bed-ridden state, also backfired. And, when nothing worked-I lay in surrender, gazing at the ceiling fan. Then, something happened, which brought me a rare moment of calm and silence.

I gradually fell into an awareness of my breath. The rhythmic pattern in which it entered and left the body weaned me away from the distractions around me. I had none but my breath to disengage my troubled mind. The aching muscles, the burning eyes, the restlessness made way for a sense of ‘calm’ and ‘rejuvenation of spirits.’

I was able to tune into the strength of my soul. A feeling of reassurance arose within me. I swam in the current of healing positive vibrations:

I will be alright soon.

I have nothing to run away from.

I can deal with it.

I have all the strength.

I am happy.

Time drifted and when I opened my eyes, I returned to a ‘calmer self’ who was at peace amidst the bodily discomfort and pain.

I will keep returning to the ‘silence’ and ‘contemplation’ for I know they hold key to profound peace, happiness, strength and creativity.Reviving silence 1

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