It has been six years since this love of my life came into our life. The first cry (6:12 it was in the morning) and the first time he was handed into my arms was the unforgotten moment of my life. Light pink in color and so fragile he was when he came into our lives and changed everything. The way I lived, the way I thought( The way I drove everything changed in a flash)

Maybe whatever I wrote above happens to everyone in whose life these angels enter. Our wrecked life gets a new meaning, the way we think, we way we act, our responses everything changes. One thing that I have understood from this angel of ours is that we can learn to live again by following these angels, I believe we can learn a lot of things from them as to how to live our life.

The lessons that I have learned from my Angel are listed below:

·         Never overeat: He is one kid whom I have seen, who never overeats and when I tried to monitor a lot of kids I found that this is the same pattern in all the kids they just don’t overeat, they will eat too their content and they will simply say’ Bas ab aur nai’.

·         Eat what you like and when you like: some would disagree with this point but these kids if not spoiled by our eating habits will eat what they like and only that much that they want and when I talk about mine he like fruits and his body clock is such that he wants things at a given time and this habit can be inculcated in kids as well as elders(our ancestors always used to do this).

·         Eat healthy and non Spices things: Kids like plain and clean food it is us who feed them with junk and make them so-called foodie. These angels are the ones who always go for healthy food and not the spices. They like simple and make us understand that it is better we also have simple food.

·         Be content: we as parents are not content, we always run out of clothes for ourselves and our kids also. We buy clothes for kids with the mindset that they don’t need much as they easily outgrow the size in the growing age. But the contentment these kids show is what is remarkably unusual. They seldom complain about those two pairs of shoes and a few dresses, they don’t mind wearing the same dress to each function they accompany us as they are not worried about the dress they are there to enjoy the company of friends and have a quality time. (But as parents we are on the other side- Irony)

·         Being Happy: They are always happy coz they are content, they can get angry, can throw a lot of tantrums but they will be back in a few hours if not minutes and that too with that spark in their eyes full of affection and care. (As it is said that a kid smiles more than 300 times in a day and an adult, not even 100)

·         You don’t need much to be happy: We can’t have such a containment which these angles have, they can be the one who teaches us to be happy with a balloon or a simple toffee. They simply don’t need much.

·         Sleeping: they sleep on time and get up on time, they don’t avoid leaving the bed and they don’t even mind to be out of the bed even if it is cold outside they are up that means they are up.

·         Unconditional love: the way run and hug with those sparkling eyes and small arms and the truth in every action is what is true unconditional love. Those cries, those fights are full of care and affection, and yes if it is love you don’t love me with an expectation. Every action of yours is true. Even when you shout at me when I try to wake you up in the morning.

·         The biggest thing that I learned from my highness Reyan: life is a moment, we need to live per second. Laugh, cry, rage, zealous, hurt every emotion is only for a moment. Live it and forget it as life is not going to stop for you.  The innocent lies are for a moment and then another moment these angel speak the truth with that smile of their faces. The way they enjoy every bit and every breath which we need to learn.

Thank you my guide, my angel, my teacher for every life lesson that you have given me and made me learn not the hard way but the innocent way.