Namaste everyone,

Wishing you a very happy and bright New Year.

With the renewed energy of New year, here I would like to share you an incident from my exam that were just over a few days back. As I was sitting in my room in morning with online exam on board. It was my sanskrit exam on that day which I somehow like less. When I was giving exam there were two questions which had confused me badly and I tried to recall and understand the question but the confusion is still buzzing in my mind, as a result I ticked the answer wrongly as it is multiple choice questions. Coincidentally at that time my lovely bua after completing her daily worship was up in kitchen to have breakfast. She started making chapattis for herself and was happily listening to one of the bhajan which is ” Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare”. And the sound of the music was reaching me in my room and I was too rejoicing the Bhajan while giving a final check to my exam and suddenly my confusion related to those questions solved and I got to know the explanation of questions and I changed the answer to those two questions which I marked incorrect and I converted them into correct one . So, This is how I realised the power of Bhagwan ji’s bhajan. And I understood on that day why my bua ask me and my sister to chant mantras.


Takeaway :-


This is how a bhajan of Bhagwan ji changed my wrong answers to correct one. This is power of Bhagwan ji. All glories goes Sri Hari Bhagwan.



Jai Sri Hari


Keep Smiling😊