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* * * * *

2 April 2052

“I am going to lock this door. The floor of this room will become electric in one minute. If you accept the Cipher’s greatness in that time, then you will be pardoned and washbrained. Life will go on as normal. Otherwise. . .,” Cara grinned evilly. Then she tossed the rock that she had picked up earlier to Rachel.

“Here you go. This can be a souvenir for the afterlife. You can call it ‘The Rock That Sealed Rachel’s Fate’.”

Cara walked out of the room, and there was a click. Rachel knew that the door was locked from the outside. A timer started for one minute. She had sixty seconds to escape.

She trembled in fear. The clock on the wall ticked down “22” and she had no idea what to do. All Rachel had was a rock, one that Cara gave her out of spite. She studied the rock closely. It was flint. Wait, it was flint?

A brainwave hit her, and she struck the flint against the steel frame of the electric chair. Wait. She had to get away from the frame of the electric chair first.  

Rachel tore the buckles off by using the edge of the rock and then rubbed the flint against the chair once again. It sparked a fire, and the whole room was enveloped by flames in no time. Rachel clambered up a table, noting that the clock was at “8”. The fire sparked what Rachel had wanted it to spark: a powerful explosive in the corner.

The explosive blew up with a huge bang, creating a massive explosion. Rachel had managed to duck into a cabinet and escape the worst of the blast, but it did hurt when the cabinet smashed to the ground. Rachel pushed the cabinet door open and sprinted toward the wall. Sure enough, there was a hole, and there was also a broken set of stairs.

This was what Rachel had been hoping for. Stairs meant that there was access to the ground from this chamber. This was perfect. She heard shouting from outside the door of the chamber and hurried up the broken stairs. Then, she ran out onto the road. People were coming out to investigate the disturbance, so Rachel joined the crowd.

“Catch her!” one of the guards yelled. Rachel held her breath, hoping that nobody would notice her.

“Catch who?” somebody asked.

Rachel sprinted toward the city’s airport and grabbed a ticket from a woman once she entered. “Hey!” the woman yelled.

Rachel paid her no mind, and she was boarding a plane in an hour. By now, the news would have reached the whole city, but hopefully, it would die down soon. She noticed that the flight was heading west over the ocean, in the direction of Americana. This was very good for Rachel.

“There are so many unanswered questions,” Rachel muttered to herself. “Maybe this is where the rebellion starts.”

* * * * *

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