Today as I lie in my bed down with fever,cough and cold,my body Aching,head heavy but my mind and heart looking for few answers…

It was 4 pm when I had my meal and I covered myself with my favourite black shiva shawl and went upstairs and sat in meditation..after that I also wrote a poem on what richness means to me..and was watching the tress around me dancing in there own ecstasy while the sun was setting..and that moment caught my eye,my attention or whatever you can call it..

I kept looking at the setting sun for few minutes and something dawned on me..

  1. When sun rises it just rises gracefully in its all glory without making any noise..if we want to use it’s light wisely we can do that and if not we can do that too sun will not complain it will be just there…and when it’s time to set it sets as gracefully as it’s rises in its all glory without making any noise..

But as a human being when we are in power of wealth, knowledge or anything we make lot of noise while we do less and when it’s time to leave at that moment too we make a lot of noise that we did this,we did that,and blah blah blah what not ?

Nature taught me one thing this evening without any words is that “Rise gracefully,set gracefully”..

May mahadev grace be with everyone love and light 🤗💫🙏❤️..