This city glitters in the dark

Triggers a string deep in my heart

I wonder what it has to say

Dance along or quietly pray?


Wandering-Lusting around for ages and more

To find a home, to rest, to reach a shore

I know nothing at all my Lord

Repetitive words I write

Oh I can’t even rhyme

Not a single silly stone is mine!


Call me Mother, call me to you

Lift me high up above

the sky

Caress me always, I will be true

Place your palm

on my aching head,

I cry!


Forgive my sins

I commit so often

Heaps of hatred and anger

Even the counts been forgotten!


Rise, Rise, Rise 

Breaking the chains that tie

The immortal being

Just longs to fly…




Picture – Kishor Sagar Talab, Kota, Rajasthan 

Poem – Jan 2022, First Draft written on a tissue paper sitting late night beside a Lake in Bhopal (also called ‘the City of Lakes’). Recently worked on it and completed it. Sharing here with a happy heart ❤️

(Unnecessary details to just fill up the word count 😂)

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