We cannot succeed on the spiritual path if we stuff and satiate our mind with definitions.

Have you ever introspected your own thoughts,beliefs,opinions? Why do we have them, where do they come from?

They can cause a conflict between loved ones and can also cause riots in a peaceful city.

Our mind makes impressions of people,books,past experiences and thinks of it as it’s own and graps it as if it’s the absolute truth further pulling us in the pool of ego.

Sticking to them is indeed comfortable but isn’t a small difference triggering most of the times?

Good-Bad, auspicious- inauspicious, right-wrong….these are mere definitions mind makes to things,acts, situations that are either acceptable or unacceptable to it.

Slowly creeping inside our egos, they become a part of us, delude us, create hurt and radiate the same, sometimes burn us in the fire of anger.

Forgetting how powerful we are, we fall in it deeper and deeper….

What to do then?

Like a lotus flower let’s remain untouched,

Understand that they don’t make us, hence can’t break us too.

Let’s set our mind free from egos,

People from expectations,

Let’s become free to love,for love and knowledge,

Let’s set everyone free and enjoy this liberation,

Let’s see divinity inside-outside,

Bliss is our true nature,

Seeing things the way they are,

Let’s rise above definitions.



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