My religion is more significant than yours.

My community is the best, and yours destroyed the world.

My God is the only Truth, and your God is evil.

You believe in an archaic God, so you’re weird.

I say there’s no God, so I’m cool. 

Those are some cringe-worthy and egotistical attitudes we come across often. We can dream of world peace and universal oneness till the cows come home. Still, the fact remains that it’s as distant a vision as ending world hunger. Besides, each one of us here is unique. Therefore, divisions and differences of opinion are inevitable in this world.

Undeniably, many things have happened in history. One community or the other dominated at one point in time, and then they became oppressed after a while. Whether caste, creed, race, or language, that cycle of dominance and oppression has become the nature of life on this planet. Sadly, as history shows, those division cycles had voluntarily been created by some group or individual. The innocent got fooled, but those troublemakers rolled in money.

Think! Isn’t it high time to end this pettiness? Shouldn’t we all act like mature adults who disregard and refuse to spread divisions in the world?

I love my Devi, and I’m passionate about Sanatana Dharma’s scriptures. Nevertheless, that’s not remotely my religion or philosophy. The name of my faith, caste, community, and everything is Compassion. And, my philosophy starts and ends with Love.

You don’t have to shy away from practicing your faith or praying to your God. But, remind yourself that your religion, community, whatever isn’t the “greatest” in the world. Faith isn’t a competitive corporate game of who puts out the best product!

Also, most importantly, please resolve that you won’t support divisions by badmouthing any religion or society in the future. No matter what you believe in, let’s all promote just one religion and one philosophy – Compassion and Love. Ultimately, that’s the true essence of every thought process in this world.

So, join hands with me. The next time someone tries to divide this world in the name of religion, caste, or community, tell them that your faith is Compassion and your philosophy is Love.

Rise above the pettiness! This is our world! Everyone here is our very own. Let us be the pioneers in leading the world to say – Compassion is my religion and love, my only philosophy. (Quote by Om Swami).


Image: Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash