They called me fool;

I accepted.

They called me evil;

I accepted.

They threw more Devil’s synonyms;

I accepted.


I was drowned in the valley of darkness.

Thought such name holders deserve this place.


I was almost drowned upto my nose;

Thought the end near.

The febble heart became anxiety-striken;

Lungs called out for breathe.


I rested my back against the wall.


Then HE came in robes.

HE offered me a mirror.

I saw my reflection after aeon-gap.

No fool I found.

No evil I found.

No such synonyms.


I looked at HIM.

I found my worth in HIS eyes.

I found my beauty in HIS eyes.

I found my hopes in HIS eyes.


Birds are gathering again

In the top most trees.

Happy littles are chirping non-stop.


The  flowery scent has already

Invited those long lost bees.


Clouds are moving,

Sun is shining,

I am rising with it.

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