Long ago,  there lived a sage named Shantanu and his wife, Amogha. They longed for a son and prayed to lord Brahma.  Brahma was pleased by their piety and penance.  He blessed them with a son and said, “O Shantanu and Amogha, this child is my son; I have created him for the benifit of humanity.  From today, he will be called ‘Brahmaputra ‘, and shall be under your care.”

Shantanu and Amogha placed Brahmaputra amidst the holy mountains of  kailash, Gandhamadana,  Jarudhi, and Sambaka. Brahmaputra assumed the form of a large mass of water where the gods and heavenly maidens would have their bath. Thus, Brahmaputra became a river. The name itself suggests ‘son of Brahma ‘. The river rises in Jima Yangzong glacier near Mount kailash in the northern Himalayas, and enters India in the far Eastern state of Arunachal pradesh, after traveling hundreds of miles across Tibet as the River Tsangpo.