Rock, paper , and scissors….

We are all familiar with the game rock, paper, scissors. What is your first move its upon you? For me I play the game seldom and if I do there is a probability that I display more rock and paper.

 I personally believe that rock is strong and is firm and please add all the positive affirmative words with it. Because that how we want to be strong and value for our words. At least for me… I guess.?!

Then comes’ paper. Paper is so fragile yet it can cover rock the hard core , stubborn and the arrogant kid with a gentle touch. It embrace it to the fullest. Paper gets trashed easily for its delicate nature. But how beautiful and clean when you cover something with it. It gives it a new identity a new beginning. Sometimes covers the wound and sometimes a new beginning. But, never hides anything. As it is always there when you remove the paper.

 Lastly …. But not the least… scissors.

 Scissors are important… they help you break through. Break through the pain and suffering and sometimes maybe just let you be the bitch… which is quit enjoyable if directed properly to improvise yourself.


Scissors help you change the cover that on you. it helps you to medicate the wound that there and if its aching from a very long time. We all need to heal and scissors help us in doing so… the core of yourself (rock) will remain same. As its unbreakable.

 The next time you play rock, scissors and paper. Find the right moves and let life be a good one. As each moves and afford can changes someone life forever.

Good day.