Life is suffering, we all know this fact. But our understanding of this fact is only theoretical. Because whenever there is suffering in our lives, we run away from it so fast that we don’t have time to listen to what it is trying to teach us.

For most parts of our life, we are content living in loops. Small loops of day-to-day living until one day something forces us to change. Some tragedy or some event in our life that we did not want to happen in the way it has unfolded. This forces us to make changes in our life, which we did not want to make.

These are the events which if we closely inquire into, will tell us the truth of our small petty lives. These are the moments when we can realize the temporary nature of everything we call me or mine in this life.  

But instead of learning from these affliction points we very soon start living in another loop. Trying to forget the past we devote our time and energy to tapping into new sources of pleasure and happiness. We may delude ourselves into believing that this time nothing will go wrong. But in reality, wrong and right are just concepts made by us. Nature has its own laws.

Our loops are nothing but sand castles which the waves of time will come and wash away. For the fate of every sand castle is sealed the day it is made.

Next time when things don’t happen the way you want them to. Don’t be in a hurry to run away to start a new loop.

Instead of running away from suffering remember that it is time to sit with it for some time for it has some valuable lessons to teach. Probably the most important lessons of life, which no one else can teach.

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Jai Shri Hari.