I always love traveling back to my village to our paternal ancestral home .I enjoy getting lost in the traditions and practices that happen there .I wonder how much of it and the deeper meanings associated with it ,have I inculcated in my own daughter. 

We are born in a sacred land ,a mother and cradle of many civilizations of the world  yet especially the hindu community of India today seem very uprooted .They have been withered in search of livelihood. When I say this there may be a possibility of thinking that I am fanatically advocating Sanatana dharma , many a times I have seen people being tagged so when they propound for hinduism.

It makes me sad when Indian children or adults know about Pascals triangle but know nothing of meruprastha .Indian children are blind to the fact that so called inventions of western world are just discoveries which Indian Seers would have postulated in Bc and way back.

Our schools does not teach hindu spiritual wisdom .Religion has been separated from education. The main barrier in losing our roots that are enriched by our scriptures is not knowing sanskrit which was not taught to common people .I don’t want  do a blame game .I simply wish a generation to know Maheshwara sootra and know the meaning of aa..when they spell it and about its construct .I wish Indian youth know something about nyaya ,tharka and vaisheki and much more which India treasures like gold mines .

It has filled in me such anguish when I hear hindu people mocking Vedas ..saying .It just says give cow ,give horses,never knowing what they symbolically represent .The deep felt prayers in Vedas are not one bothers to teach its intelligence too.

We inherited genes of great Rishis who walked on this very land .We do not realise the immense potentials endowed in us .Today’s generation are taught Indian culture as myths .The brilliant beings of yesteryears are mentioned as mythological creatures.

Unlike the sematic religions hinduism do not enforces its traditions ,customs or practices on its followers but the Lazisfairie attitude is slowly wiping the true essence of hinduism.

We need to seek our roots .The depth of the great science that is vast like oceans .The agamas ,yamalas the beauty and knowledge it beholds.The core beliefs that hindhuism stands for and impart .

I always see Swamiji s great vision and his endeavors which often address our youth and young generation and the model of himself he has portrayed to the world .

This article is just to inspire the minds to see beyond Purana in to the a proper understanding of our scriptures ,our rituals  our practices .To develop the right bhava that would strengthen individual at personal and societal level . The art and science preserved in our heritage shall still bring about more mankhandeyas more lopamudras .More enlightened being like Swamiji himself .

Roots..they make it all..they make us unique .We become ambassadors of such a great religion which is scientific and mystic by learning it .With humility we could just spread the prayer lokah samasta sukhino bavantu and trust in vasudaiva kudumbakam..

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