Do you laugh so much that tears of joy come? Or do u giggle as much that your stomach starts hurting and you start weeping or Do you cry with such funny expression that seeing the mirror you start laughing on your self? Do you open your eyes while crying and laughing together or do u slide half way down doing both opposite activities together? Welll the answer may vary from individual to individual but i m sure the most used emojee in all of our chats on mobile ,lap top and ipad would be LOL emojee! The most lazy typing aswell showing impressions of something funny,laughing ,joking or teasing are best represented by a laughing crying emojeee! And like if some one say i love you and we reply back love yaa too like some one saying Jai mata dee and we too respond Jai mata dee we too respond Jai mata dee ,same way if some one sends a crying laughing 😂 emojee we do the same! Most of us are emojee theives too special the mouse with heart ❤stickers on eyes and lion 🦁 a dill on its aankhei is among our starred emojees! When do u use the laughing crying Lol emoji?

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