By the word runanubandha, it is affair trade to say that anything that deals with physical memory we carry within us. We may acquire it by blood relationship or sexual relationship. The body remember everything, even though we tend to forget thing intellectually. We still can make a firm decision how a human being looks like simply seeing the physically of a human. We tend to collect memory knowingly and un knowingly from the environment we live in. Some may be totally acceptable in a particular society and vice versa. This totally depends upon the society or environment you tend to be in.

For men and women runanubandha differs. In a sexual relationship woman’s body has much more memory. And when we talk about genetic memory man’s body has more memory. It can be vouch that after a woman pass her pregnancy she tends to fade  her emotions for her parents and blood relatives. This happens because she has to bear the child of a man and for that she should carry less genetic memory.

Runanubandha  can happen with you holding someone’s hand. That why in India we greet people with folded hands. Also we in India  we never pass certain substances like salt, sesame seeds, or soil- we never take them from someone’s hand, this is done to avoid runanubandha. Just to remind we live in a culture where everything is about liberation and being aware about the sensitivity of not building bondage in life, keep it to the extent of necessary.

This runanubandha can be kept minimum by fire wash, water wash(taking bath everyday). Wind wash- go and stand in a place where the wind is running from front and back ways be there for half an hour. You will feel lighter and better.