Hello everyone

Today I am going to tell you about my problem.

I do not get time from my parents to play.

They are not able to play with me because they are talking about a war.

My parents are discussing about a war these days and the war is between Russia and Ukraine.

I know about Russia because I used to watch a cartoon named Masha and the Bear. Masha used to live in Russia.

I am not able to play with my parents, so I am playing all alone with my toys.

My toys are the cutest.

I do not watch war news but I watch my cartoons on my TV downstairs.

Doing war is not good because it harms people.  So Russia is not doing a good thing to Ukraine.

When Russia is attacking Ukraine it looks like a volcano blasting.

I painted something which looked like a blast in Ukraine.

Here it is:

Russia attacks ukraine 1

I do not have books on Ukraine or Russia so I do not know much about them.

But I feel grateful that i do not have to go to war and Russia is not coming to attack us. I am safe.

Abhi bye bye.





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