My father told me this Sanskrit quote during one of our discussions about life, learning and spirituality. I am reminded of this today as I realized how I wish to lose it all, gain nothing, know nothing, desire nothing. It is heck easier said than done.

Peace in the mind and the body or Love in the heart or Health above all or Happiness overall, is there a skill that one could hone to attain these states? Is there a profound knowledge that one is unaware of that is keeping them from achieving these goals. Anything that keeps one chained and rigid is not liberating, it is actually holding one back. 

As simple as it can be, either learn and know all the spiritual knowledge in the world and realize the way of living or just live as simply as possible without having to know anything at all. It takes a dedicated practice and disciplined life to be liberated and be able to show the right path to other beings, my tiny brain understands this very well. For a commoner, which I proudly am, to live life peacefully and without complexities, a basic rule is just as fine to get by daily life. This basic rule is simplicity. Simplify everything down to binary language, 0’s and 1’s if you may. A system as powerful as the computer understands everything in just 0’s and 1’s (Don’t hold on to this for very long, as quantum computing [skip through the ads & watch this really really interesting video on quantum computing, don’t worry there is no pre-requisite in learning this!] is soon making it’s way to the mainstream, where everything in-between 0’s and 1’s is also a tangible state and the computing will lie in the grey area, no longer a simple black or white. Talk about simplifying things! It is actually modeling our real life, as the nature does not govern on the principles of either 0 or 1, it is everything in between and lot more fluid in terms of quantification)

All that one feels, asks, seeks, has, wants, loses, sees, likes or hates can be simplified to does it liberate one or chains one down even further? Why even think that deeply, I believe it is getting complex like the quantum computer! The more you try to understand it the more difficult and twisted it gets! It is really just okay to be, simply living! Living with eyes, ears, nose and hearts open. I say so, because I want to see the beautiful snow clad mountains, hear the leaves sway, smell the earth after the first rain pour and accept the love of nature and beings on this earth. These beautiful things do not cease to exist ever, so do the not so beautiful things. If I am open, living simply I will be in harmony with everything that surrounds me. I try to change nothing, I try to gain nothing (well it is not same as being idle, always leave things better than you received even your own self) and I accept whatever I am presented with (even pain), with a simple mind and a broad smile.

In this very moment, with the very surrounding, the very gifts of life and the very lessons of life; I am content, I am open, I am accepting and I am loving and I have infinite potential here within me.

Win darkness with light, sadness with smile and wounds with might! Wishes on Naraka Chaturdashi.

Pic: There is light if you open your eyes just a tad bit more, nature blooms and you grow when you yourself drive the darkness away.