Sacrifice, one of the most misunderstood aspect of our spritual life

  • Sacrifice makes us humble

When we allow a part of ourselves, whether a tendency, habit or memory (in the form of person or possession), it gives a huge shock to our ego, and makes us more humble

All material and spiritual possession makes us egoistic, they feed our ego but in the end, everything is hollow because the real goal is to be closer to god

  • inner sacrifice purifies our consciousness that’s why maa parvati donated her entire spritual wealth ( tapasya) to save a cow from lion

To attain absolute selflessness is the only goal we have as a soul, and as our swami ji says, selflessness acts as spiritual gravity, that selflessness comes from the amount of sacrifice we can make

At the end, what matters most is, how you make others feel with your presence, gods takes the negativity and demons gives it, sacrifice for others ( with intention of no return) awaken the god within us and our presence becomes form of peace for others

Har har mahadev

  1. Om swami namoh namah 🙂

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