A tree 🌳 of life
O revered Master
You’ve planted in our yards
its branches ferry us across
the sea of woes
to a place in time
where the Gods live.

For a mortal to find the feet of God
is impossible as old men’s quest
for youth
and here O venerable Master
You’ve created a realm of
infinite possibilities
for the lost and bound.

What chance people like us have
at intense penance
or even a simple japa
when each day is spent
warring with ourselves.

O beloved Master
as You throw open the gates of sadhana
a surge of light
a shining hope
is spread world wide.

You’ve in your brilliance
created such an equal world
where everyone is a sage
and can be so much more.

As years will pass
anyone who’s sincere enough
to water the tree of life
will find the most luscious fruit
happiness auspiciousness good fortune
wealth and Bhakti
all will flow.

Anyone who will place their faith
in your divine world
will reap its rewards
its your gift
one whose secret
only time will reveal.

Thank you dear Lord
for You toil so hard
to show us the way
a way out of the vicious
cycle of life and death.

Your sacrifice is what powers
the app
Sadhana is your sadhana
its temples reverberate
with your penance
the innermost sanctum of your heart
You’ve bared for us.

O dear Master
please bless us now
so we may always find your grace
in this world and the next
O sweet Master
in this new world of sadhana
You’ve indeed given us everything.

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