Confused was I;

For where’s the divine feet to lie?


Ignorant was I;

For the way was unclear to my eye.


Waiting at the bay,

I was searching for the way.

Be it night or day,

Seems like I was all gray.

Oh! What price I had to pay,

To get the sunshine’s ray?


In the darkness of thy soul,

Came a light to make me whole.


Relish the Sadhana app.

For it’s the divine map,

To wake you from your nap,

Sitting in thy master’s lap,

Let’s fill the missing gap,

Of singing Sanatana Dharma’s rap.


No need to travel and roam,

Bring thy divine to your home.


Don’t be so dope,

For it could be your last hope.



Based on my personal experience of Vedic sadhana spanning more than three decades, I have created an entire virtual world for you in this sadhana app. The legendary siddha-ashrama that our scriptures refer to has been created for you once again. This is the same place where our sages meditated and performed penance. If you wish to experience the Vedic glory and opulence that our ancestors thrived in, then Sadhana offers you the opportunity to get started. This has been done to serve the beautiful Sanatana Dharma and to revive the Vedic culture. Sadhana app is my humble offering in your service and our dharma.

~ Om Swami


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