This post is regarding how you and I as a devotee of Om Swamiji can contribute to Sadhana App.

If you have read the book “The Rainmaker Miracles and Healing Stories of Om Swami”, there’s a chapter named “The mysterious ways of the universe” by Irene Fabi, where she shared her story and how she came to know about Swami Ji. She found out about Swami Ji through Quora where someone had written that ‘If you want to know a real enlightened master, go to the Himalayas and look for Om Swami.’ (page no. 183)

From there her life took a turn, she met Swami Ji in Sri Badrika Ashram, got his blessings and had very interesting experiences to narrate. At the end of the chapter she concluded, “My life has changed, my priorities have changed, my gratitude has grown together with my happiness.”

Also, she wrote, “I hope I will have more time to stay at the ashram and be of some help in some way.”

So, here I have something which any of Swami Ji’s disciples can do, who wish to be of ‘some help.’

Helping Swami Ji in his mission of spreading the word for Sanatan Dharma.  

To make Sadhana App popular, we have to choose a platform on which anyone can create an account easily and contribute to it. Therefore, I chose Quora. It is a well-known fact that this platform ranks on the Google search page on many keywords and anyone can create a profile very easily and can share their views. Moreover, Quora has many spiritual communities where people can discuss spirituality. Quora is a platform which has 32% people from the US and 33% from India. (The target audience for Sadhana App as well)

So I have created this post while keeping each one of us in mind. However, we have to put a bit of effort into understanding marketing first.

So #Let’sdoMarketing 

Starting with a simple concept:

Most people when in problems or confusion use Google to find out the answers to their queries, and Google’s algorithm decides which website shall rank based on various factors.

You can see the image below from marketing consultant Mike Khorev (Don’t worry. No need to pay any attention if you don’t understand some of the marketing terms)Sadhana app marketing in 10 minutes 1

So to rank, a website needs good links (a reference to our websites), a website (technical things like loading speed, mobile friendly and all) and content (valuable to Google users).

But unfortunately, implementing all these three things will take anywhere around 7-10 months of work. But what if we need results soon?Sadhana app marketing in 10 minutes 2

Whenever a search is made on Google, Google recommends some suggestions to the user, and the algorithm only chooses those suggestions which are frequently and mostly used by its users.

So one of the suggestions here is “Sadhana App Quora”. All other keywords except this “Sadhana App Quora” keyword are coming from the Sadhana App website or other affiliate websites.

But this Sadhana App Quora keyword is coming from Quora independently and there’s no presence of the Sadhana App website there.

As you all know, the Sadhana App website is very new and not much work has been done on it, hence the website is not ranking whenever any relevant keyword is searched.

So, it’s clear that to rank on a website we will require all these three criteria. Quora is a website which has all these criteria as well as allows its users to share content on its platform.

If you use the keyword “Sadhana App Quora”, you can see many queries are there, but not much for “Sadhana App”.Sadhana app marketing in 10 minutes 3

Sadhana app marketing in 10 minutes 4

So, here comes our role in the play. A website needs all these three things which usually they don’t have so they leverage websites like Quora which has those websites. So there will be 6-9 questions; which you can choose to answer on Quora, which will help sadhaks find the Sadhana App, improving the domain rating of the Sadhana App website.

We are sharing our answers & stories on, if we can share the same or similar answers & stories on Quora, it will motivate other people to take up Sadhana App, help them find solutions to their problems, and help them find peace… just like Ms Irene Fabi.

So below is a mention of those questions and the anatomy of how one should share answers on Quora so that the answer can get a good reach:

  1. What is Manas Pooja/Sadhana? Does it work?
  2. What is the Sadhana App? Have you observed any changes after using that?
  3. Have you ever met any real saint? How was your experience?
  4. Is the vision of the divine possible in this age? Do you know someone who had it?
  5. How is Sadhana done?
  6. Do mantras work?
  7. I want to start a spiritual journey. How do I start? Whom should I follow?


  1. Did anyone experience the real-life miracles of Lord Ganesh?
  2. Has anyone seen God? (Like Ganesh, Shiva, Allah, and Jesus)
  3. I’m a newbie in sadhana. Can I get some tips on the correct way of mala chanting, mantra chanting and how to remove sleepiness during jaap?
  4. How did “mantra chanting” change your life?
  5. Have you done any sadhana?
  6. What is sadhana actually? I have heard many types of it, such as Chaya Purush etc.

Hindi Questions

  1. ईश्वर की प्राप्ति कैसे होगी?
  2. ईश्वर को पाने का सबसे उत्तम मार्ग क्या है?
  3. क्या ईश्वर को प्राप्त किया जा सकता है या इतिहास में किसी ने ईश्वर को प्राप्त कर के दिखाया है और ऐसा विचार कितने लोगों के मस्तिष्क में आता है?
  4. ईश्वर कौन है, कहाँ है, कैसा है? क्या कलयुग में उसकी प्राप्ति संभव है? और कैसे?

Anatomy of the Answers:

The famous Australian marketer Sabri Suby said that “the goal of an ad is not to sell but to sell the click.”

So in our case, it’s a headline; The goal of a headline is not to share wisdom but to generate a click.

That’s what is trying to convey. 😉

Sadhana app marketing in 10 minutes 5


Many times it happens that we have written something great and we don’t know what headline we should choose. Sometimes in bhava, no words come! So, how to overcome this issue?

Let me share with you an example: A few weeks ago when I was writing an article to express my gratitude to Chandrika ma’am, I was not getting any idea for a headline for my article (it’s better if we start any article with a headline first)

I was in the bhava of gratitude; feeling the compassion for Chandrika ma’am; the ever generous divine soul. 

So I just typed “title generator tool” on Google.

There will be many such tools Google will show you, one can generate many headlines using them for free. (as you can see in the image below)

Sadhana app marketing in 10 minutes 6

Here’s how you search for the tool.

So these tools ask you to enter a keyword, I entered ‘compassion’ as my keyword and it showed me many headlines. After going through many headlines I found one headline, which accurately describes my feelings in words, “You don’t need to be corporate to be compassionate.”

And then with this headline, I published the article and my dashboard shows that that article got good results. You might have noticed before writing anything on, that it asks you to write a headline which invokes curiosity in the reader’s mind. The purpose is the same.

The headline is the first thing which users see. If they find it promising and relevant they will click it, otherwise, there are a million other things to which they can pay attention. 

Most of the users of Quora comes from mobile, and are from India (32%) and the US (33%)… and in the mobile version of the answer first 118 characters including space is what user see as the headline of the answer or (between 25 words and 45 words with spaces included in the character count).

So use online tools to generate a good headline, Keep the first 25-45 words (118 characters) catchy and interesting or that may create suspense.

Attaching two examples for reference

Sadhana app marketing in 10 minutes 7

The first sentence was very simple; hooked the user, using the word “while”

Words like while, yet, and but were reportedly found to increase curiosity and attention.

Sadhana app marketing in 10 minutes 8

The first line was confirming a set of beliefs. People who are in favour of belief wanted to know more and those against wanted to know why… Left with half complete sentences.


Most of the writers I read on are very good writers, I appreciate them all from the bottom of my heart.

For Quora:

If you have some story to share, do share, stories just work phenomenally.

Sadhana app marketing in 10 minutes 9

This person just started telling the story. 14K upvotes is a big deal.

Stories hitting 1M-10M views are not uncommon on Quora, in this 8-second attention world… people still have time to read stories. Therefore, to grab attention simply share your story.

This person got 16,000+ views for sharing his story:

Have anyone of you seen a true miracle of Lord Krishna?

I don’t know what interests people much about miracles but questions related to miracles always get views on Quora and attract attention… if you have experienced it.


Try to use emojis. Also make full use of bold, italics and quotation features on Quora. It makes it easy and interesting for people to read the answer. See the image attached below:Sadhana app marketing in 10 minutes 10

Many people prefer and enjoy reading and writing in paragraphs.


After you answer some questions related to sadhana, people will ask more questions related to sadhana, and Quora will notify you if you want to answer them or not… if you have time then try to answer those questions.

Also, if you can write the answer in Hindi (questions attached) it will reach a wider audience; you can use Google Translate to translate your answer into Hindi or a Chrome extension called “Google Input tools” by Google to type in Hindi from your English keyboard.

Sadhana app marketing in 10 minutes 11

Important Mention 

Whatever answer you choose to write, short or long, don’t forget to mention the Sadhana App. Suppose your story got 1M views and you forget to mention about Sadhana App… vs your story got 1M views and the Sadhana App got 10K extra downloads (the marketing team will garland you.)

Use case of Images and copyright claims

Quora will also showcase the first image you have mentioned in your answer to people. (A second chance to make someone read your answer if the headline fails)

Choose either a relevant image or a completely irrelevant image that can make someone think that I am missing something. (Image doesn’t matter if you are a brand, people will simply click your post)

For image copyright; you can use any image from the internet until it is not hurting their business and their brand image. (if these two things are checked, then the probability of copyright strike to your answer is very low)

As we can’t validate each and every image and sit reading their copyright policy. In most cases adding an image source will do the work, it’s a protocol also for Quora answers, if one has attached an image.

A screenshot of the Sadhana App can do wonders! 

Use of Trust

I have found that people trust you online more if the writer has a happy smiling face as his/her profile picture. If possible use any of your profile pic. It will increase the trust of users in you.

Use of Credentials

Before you upload your answer to Quora, Quora will ask you to add your credentials, so that people can view your credentials too. eg you are writing an answer on “Have you done any sadhana yet?” Then your credential should be “10 years of experience of doing sadhana” etc.

Sadhana app marketing in 10 minutes 12

You can always change the credential as per your answer’s need to make it appear to be coming from an authentic source and there’s no need to add the same credential(s) on every post. Multiple posts and multiple credentials are the norms.

Use of PS (Post Script):

You might have noticed Swami Ji using PS many times in his post. PS is a written abbreviation for postscript: used at the end of a letter or email after you have signed your name to show that you are adding a short remark or message not included in the main part. If you are not getting any opportunity to feature the Sadhana App in your answer, just use PS and mention the app, it will do the needful help. In PS you can ask people to follow you or to download the Sadhana App or anything simple like comment if you like it or Upvote the answer to spread the word. Just a call to action is required.

After PS

Once you have given a ‘Call to action’, you need one last thing to do; just add links to other answers written by you or by any answer mentioning the Sadhana App.

How to do it?

  1. Go to any question you wish to feature.
  2. Choose the most appropriate answer. (Most probably yours)
  3. Click the share button and copy the link.
  4. Paste the link after PS in your answer.

The logic behind this is that we want a user to remain in our world for as long as possible, it will increase the probability of conversion and help the user by educating him/her. The best marketing technique is always educating your customer about your offering. If s/he likes it s/he will educate other people.

A Clear Target

Now suppose you have written several answers educating people around the globe about sadhana, but how will you measure if you have done your part well?

So it’s very simple…Your answers should have hit a combined 10,000 views in six months (it’s a very small number compared to what one can achieve).

If your answer has hit 10K views in six months then you have done your part, if not, you can consider answering more questions and if you find that you got 20K views(in total) in the next three months, you have done your part.

Currently, there are 6000+ premium members, 20,000+ total members and 1,00,000+ subscribers on Suppose If only 100 people write on Quora and every individual answers 10 questions then it will be around 1000 answers about Sadhana App, and if each answer got only 1000 views then it will be in total 1M views for Sadhana App. If more people jumped in then it will skyrocket the number of downloads of the Sadhana App.

Also once you write an answer, Quora will suggest more questions which you can answer, some questions will have more followers, and some will have fewer followers. The statistics will help you in choosing the type of question you wish to answer.

Eg the Quora algorithm might suggest to you a question “What do you want to share today?” and you found that this question has 4K followers, so why let go of this opportunity?

Write something interesting about your life… 

Or if you want to create a large impact for Sadhana App you can commit yourself to writing one answer for sadhana on Quora every week.

And always remember Sadhana App is very close to Swami Ji’s heart.

Last but not the least

Please avoid using a direct link to any article or website or app until you feel very necessary, as Quora algorithms don’t show much support to those answers which can potentially take Quora users away from the platform, costing loss to Quora. ( But if you have to insert a link, there’s a way: Insert a link to another Quora answer(given by you) in which you have mentioned the link; this way you will be sending traffic to the answer and ultimately to your preferred URL. But in this technique there’s a bit of risk involved, as quora AI is also evolving with time, If it works for you, you can continue doing so)

You can also answer questions on Reddit if you are not interested in QuoraSadhana app marketing in 10 minutes 13

Now suppose from all answers, the collective views went to 1M and out of them only 10K people chose to download the app, and out of them only 1000 people chose to donate Rs.1000 per month, then it will easily go about Rs.1M per month extra revenue for Sadhana App, and now just twist the number to 10M, then Sadhana App’s revenue will clock around Rs.10M, making app self-sustaining… and who knows with divine grace, more people consider downloading the app, hence increasing the number of donations.

And the good thing about Quora is it’s a one-time effort… once you write the answer, every year Quora will keep sending you the notification of the number of views you hit… and it’s free.

Lastly, I’ll say words don’t speak, actions do. We can praise Swami Ji constantly in the comments or on social media, is it really going to change anything for us? But if we are helping someone through a public platform and someone meets Swami Ji and says I read an answer on Quora about you by so and so… and my life changed. Even if they don’t take names, Swami Ji will get it. And as a reward, one will earn good karmas.

The person who wrote about Swami Ji on Quora, whose answer was read by Irene Fabi… Will he not get any good karma for his deeds (for connecting Ms Irene Fabi to Swami Ji)? {read The Rainmaker Miracles and Healing Stories of Om Swami book page 183 for more}

Let’s join hands together to do some good karma and do some worthy marketing for our own Sadhana App.

Edited by Chandrika Shubham Saini