Today I had a word with a devotee extremely in love with Maa and very respectful for Swami ji but not as great with interpretation of English,so unable to properly understand many of Swami ji s books as mantra sadhna ,Gayatri sadhna or instructions post on how to perform certain purushcharans.She shared how lost and uneasy she has been feeling from a month, constantly thinking about which sadhna to do and how.The devotee is a government school teacher aswell free of any family responsibilities so physically in a comfortable situation. When I told her to ardently use Sadhna app she said but she needs to master learning the ingredients,it’s so fast. I couldn’t understand her point at first and u may say i was firm in saying there are 1000 excuses to not do something and only 1 conviction to do anything task ,she said deedee i ll watch sadhna app yagyas again and again and arrange everything in plate and then keep putting it in hawan kund! That’s when I realised the glitch! She maybe like some others thought all the sadhna app steps have to be done physically too! That  is when I convinced her that the press of smart phone buttons with bhaav and devotion are enough to make u feel completing a Sadhna! Let’s all this Savan month do Shivji s Rudra anhishekam through Sadhna app! Har har Mahadev.