Sonal eating at Nandos and Mallika holidaying at Paris,Laadi chacha has bought a Keya and Koteshwar Shanker flaunting his kindness on black lotus…who is interested? 

Does anyone s relation ship status,aquiring some material possessions or feeling sad effect me?

Does an ex school mate s whom i have never seen in last 30 years or spoken for same time period s daughter getting selected as Best belley dancer in Cincinnati U.s make a zilch of difference in my life?

Or does writing R.ip to photograph of my husband s cousins mil who has her 15th death anniversary comes from my heart?

Is Face book a Maya / an illusion? Who wants to tell their mother in law or sister in law where they shop,what they cooked or what have they planned as a vacation.

Rather their asking this will make us over touchy and at times more than often term them interfering and nosy.

Isn’t it the same what we r telling the Public without hesitation?

Anyways,i m not that active on Social media.

Not that i am a very private person.An open book u may call me but i feel shy at times to flaunt what all i do or u can say scared of Nazzar ( evil eye) too.

Since day 1 of launch of sadhna app,i try to use it atleast 3 minutes a day ,still face book is what I browse May be an hour a day.

No mind to be applied u might say or its an unwinding! I de installed and re installed it too thinking i was heading from rajsik to tamsik ( too much greed for live online clothes shopping).

Can anyone tell me how to use Sadhna app more instead?